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PM Barrow: Hugo Patt is the man for the job

On Monday, Hugo Patt will be taking up his new post as the Minister of Natural Resources.   Patt was assigned to the portfolio after Dr. Carla Barnett requested to be reassigned. Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow commented on the reshuffle.

 Prime Minister Dean Barrow: It is really an effort to try to improve performance in the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Lands Department. Dr. Barnett went in, did an excellent job, stabilized things I think as far as possible to do a lid on corruption but it is a wearing job for any Minister to Stuart that particular Ministry and that particular Department and so she obviously was beginning to feel the strain and I think it is in that context she approached me about saying she would like a reassignment. I think Hugo Patt is young and strong- he is not completely new to that Ministry because he was Gaspar Vega’s Deputy at one point in time.

Patt will become the fourth Minister of Natural Resources in under three years.