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PM Barrow Says Government Will Explore Many Avenues for Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Earl has left a trail of destruction that now requires substantial finances to rebuild or re-establish some semblance of normalcy.  As it relates to the initial steps to be taken, Prime Minister spoke of care packages for distribution as well as collaboration between NEMO and the Ministry of Human Development.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow says due to very limited resources no Area Representative will be given money to distribute to residents.  With the aim of having fair distribution, he is tasking NEMO and its public officers in undertaking that part of the relief efforts.


As you heard Prime Minister wants to have as accurate figures as possible to approach international partners for funding.  So, who are those partners?  Prime Minister further explained.

As Prime Minister announced his intention to capitalize on international funding that is available, he informed the gathering that Senator Carla Barnett is being given the post of Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance.   We will tell you more of this announcement later in our newscast and just how Dr Barnett plans to begin her work as a minister.