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PM Barrow says there is support for Belize

During the press conference, Prime Minister Barrow said they have been working on the diplomatic front. He provided an update.


“You’re all aware of last week’s resolution of the 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) in support of Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Scotland was also very forthright in reiterating her organization’s position that Guatemala must respect our 1859 borders. Baroness Scotland will now convene a meeting of the Commonwealth Standing Committee on Belize so that they might step up their monitoring of the Belize/Guatemala situation. And on Friday in Freeport, Bahamas, our Foreign Minister got support for us from Caricom and the UK.  Belizeans should note that these results so far make clear our position, our cause, is understood and accepted by the international community. In other words, they know that our security personnel came under attack yet again, this time under cover of darkness, from Guatemalan civilians squarely in our territory; they know that these civilians were engaged in their continuing illegal activity, which in the Chiquibul alone, has cost this country tens of millions of dollars in plundered resources and environmental degradation; they know that the BDF, small in number, strapped for resources and facing almost impossible odds, continue to wage a heroic struggle to protect and preserve Belizean patrimony.”

Prime Minister Barrow said Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is in Washington where he has been involved in a number of meetings. The issue of the Sarstoon is on the agenda. Foreign Minister Elrington is accompanied by Ambassador Alexis Rosado, Ambassador Pat Andrews and National Security CEO, Colonel George Lovell. On his return, Minister Elrington is expected to report to the nation.