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PM Briceno Comments on How GOB Will Collect Net Vasquez’s Debt

Before his death, Net Vasquez was in a center of a scandal. He died on April nineteen at the Belize Medical Associates after he suffered a fall and sustained head injuries. Vasquez was a loyal UDP founding member and supporter who was thrust into the public spotlight after allegations were made that he abused BTL’s credit card during his tenure as the Chairman of the giant telecom company. Vasquez reportedly spent more than eight hundred thousand dollars of the company’s credit card on personal items between 2016 and 2020. We are told that Vasquez repaid a little over three hundred thousand dollars but a substantial amount is left. We asked the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance John Briceno how the government plans to collect the remaining debt.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “Once it goes to court it has to take its course so we cannot be commenting when something is in court so I want to make that very clear. Secondly we have every intentions to collect what is owed to BTL and thirdly whilst Mr.Vasquez is no longer on this earth he has assets and he has an administrator that’s looking after the affairs and so I was informed that I think they would probably be meeting with BTL to try to work out a payment plan, an agreement as to a settlement on what the late Mr.Vasquez left, the bill that they left at BTL.”

Nestor Vasquez