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PM Briceno Comments the Upgrading of Highways

Prime Minister John Briceno also spoke on a number of other issues with the media. One of them the work being done on the Philip Goldson Highway. A portion of the road, which took fifteen months and thirteen million dollars to upgrade, now requires rehabilitation. Lot A of the rehabilitation project spans from the airport junction to Haulover Bridge. A crucial part of the project is for the infrastructure to withstand the effects of climate change. However, “Lot A” needs major rehabilitation as that section of the highway is falling apart leaving motorists very concerned. The media asked the Prime Minister about it on Wednesday.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: Successive governments have tried to fix that road unfortunately  previous government spent excessive amounts of money to be able to fix and it’s sinking and I think it seems that the only way we’ll be able to fix that that section and I’m no engineer so please I’m not pretending to be one but it seems that we may have to consider piling into the ground and then to be able to have the road almost like a causeway but a causeway is when you go all the way up but just into the ground and we were just stop the thinking. It’s going to be expensive but at the end of the day I think there’s no other way because the minute you fix it it goes down again, the minute you do it again, so millions of dollars have gone down there drain so maybe we might just have to bite the bullet and find a way how we can get it done.”