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PM Briceno Criticizes UDP’s Call for ComPol’s Resignation

And as we said, the Commissioner was one of the targets of last week’s UDP’s press conference. The Opposition party had called for Williams to resign. Reacting to that demand was Prime Minister John Briceno on Saturday.

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “When you compare what our Minister of Police, presently, Hon. Kareem Musa is doing comparing to what the previous ministers, including their Chairman of the Party, that big person of a man, was done, it’s between night and day. Kareem has been doing an excellent job with the hand that was given to him. There are many systemic problems that we have to address in the Police Department. I mean, the Police Department, we know, during the UDP times, for you to become a police officer, you had to get a written note from one of the UDP Ministers. So that is no longer in effect. So a lot of police officers that should not be in that department. The Commissioner is the person that has the most experience at this time to be able to help us. He has gone through, under a UDP Government and now he’s going under, though our Government. We could have taken the position, oh you worked with UDP so we’re going to fire you. We were not doing that. We are saying okay, let’s use your experience not only as a police office but also as an attorney that we can use his knowledge of policing, his experience and his ability and experience, that’s something that we have to use and so working together with him, openly and transparently, we are starting to see some results that the numbers, when you compare them to what you had under the UDP is improving. Now is it anywhere where you want it to be? Absolutely not.  We have a very long way to go.”