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PM Briceno Donates Radio Transmitters to BPD

Prime Minister of Belize, John Briceno made an important donation of ten handheld radio transmitters to Eastern Police Division on Friday. Officer Commanding the Eastern Division, ACP, Howell Gillett, told Love News that the donation which values close to ten thousand dollars seeks to improve the division’s communication capabilities in the city. Gillett added that it will also result in fewer officers using their cellular phones while on duty. Also welcoming the donation today was Police Commissioner Chester Williams: 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I want to say a huge thank you to the Prime Minister. Those donations came from the Prime Minister himself, not from the government. Those are procured from his personal funds and so we welcome the donation of 10 additional radios for eastern division. One of the issues we have been having is the fact that we were lacking radios and so you’ll find that many officers were utilizing their phones to communicate with the control room in Belize City and you would know that the phone while it is useful it is also and obstruction to the police officers performing their duties the way they should because they don’t only use it to communicate with control room they also use it and stay on social media, do things that they should not be doing and they become inattentive while some duty. So the more radios we get then we can say to our officers who know what you no longer can take your phone out on patrol you have to leave your phone at a safe location in the station or you don’t bring it to work at all. And with that you will see that we will be able to get more results from our officers so we welcome the donation of the ten additional radios. “