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PM Briceno Encourages the Public to get Vaccinated

The anti-vaxxers have made their presence known in Belize, spewing misinformation that can be very dangerous. They have found many ways via several social media platforms to spread wild conspiracy theories about the vaccine. They rely on baseless information posted on fake websites by fake doctors and other conspiracy theorists. They take this information and spread it, instilling fears on whoever would listen to them. Prime Minister John Briceno who is fully vaccinated encouraged the public to get vaccinated.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “In the United States 99% of the people that are dying of COVID are dying because they have not been vaccinated. Here in Belize 100% of the people that have gotten COVID and are very sick and ICU are people that have not gotten vaccinated. I say this to make it very clear to everybody, get vaccinated. If you want to protect yourself and protect your loved ones go get vaccinated. There’s nothing that’s going to happen to you. Yes some people have some side effects, they might have a fever, some say they feel tired but it goes off within a day. I took my second vaccination on Monday and I’m lucky I had no side effect or anything so please go get vaccinated. The government and yourselves the tax payers we have spent millions of dollars in trying to contain the spread of COVID and we do that so that we could go back to work so that tourism can flourish, that we could do agriculture, we could do exports and the only way we can do that is by stopping the spread. We can’t afford another wave in this country. Unlike the United States that they can print money we cannot print money. The government is running broke so we have to be responsible citizens and I’m appealing to everyone please come out and get vaccinated.”