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PM Briceno Expects Dorothy Bradley’s Appointment as Acting AG to Produce Favourable Results

PM Briceno was also asked if Dorothy Bradley’s age will affect her eligibility to be appointed as Acting Auditor General since she is above the age limit. However, Briceno explained that she is acting as interim until a suitable permanent Auditor General can be appointed. He says that he believes her previous work proves that she can get the ball rolling until then.

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “Well she’s just coming in for two years. Again, there’s no succession planning and that is the problem. We’ve been trying to see who could best fit that position and we’ve not been successful so we feel that the best thing to do is to bring her in and then to be able to continue to get the department moving but at the same time to work towards her succession. We have to understand, I think that Channel 7 did a long exposé on the work she did when she was retiring. You know that she was the one that went there and audited it and did the tough work and the then government was not too pleased about and they used to attack her for that and we want to bring her and we want her to continue to do the same kind of work. If they find anything that our Government is doing wrong, they need to call us out. That is the only way we can get governments to be able to walk the straight line.”