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PM Briceno Honors BDF Soldiers at their Annual Luncheon

Prime Minister John Briceno today joined members of the Belize Defence Force for their annual Christmas luncheon. The traditional event is usually attended by superiors serving the rank and file along with the Minister of Defence and the Chief Executive Officer. The Prime Minister rarely attends by PM John Briceno says it was important for him to serve BDF soldiers on this occasion.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “As the Prime Minister of this country I think it’s important for me to show a sense of appreciation to all our service personnel, all security forces from the police the BDF, and the Coast Guard. It is unfortunate I could not have attended the passing out parade last week Friday but today I made a special effort to be here with the BDF I was way down in Sarteneja and thanks to the PDF I’ve managed to be able to get here early on time period it’s a simple gesture at least on my part that we could serve them today because they have been serving us valiantly every single day of the year and whilst we may be at home safe and sound enjoying the comforts of our bed and our families they’re out there in the bush, they’re out there in the deep jungles, in the mountains, and even in our urban areas and helping us to keep Belize secure.”