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PM Briceno Meets with the Mennonite Community Over Concerns of Mandatory Vaccine

Reports surfaced early this morning of new regulations coming amid a daily increase in Covid-19 cases. At this time, however, an official announcement from the Prime Minister is yet to come. Our newsroom was informed that a pre-recorded statement would be sent, and so we remain on standby as we were notified some minutes ago that the address will be delivered later tonight .……. What we can tell you, however, is that Prime Minister was in meetings all day with his last one ending just after five o’clock. That meeting was with the leaders of the Mennonite community. Our news team was at the PM’s office to see if we would be able to get an indication of what’s going on. Ministers Kareem Musa and Michel Chebat denied comment, but we did speak with one of the Mennonite leaders who had declined giving an interview. He did, however, furnish us with a letter that was presented to the Prime Minister today with a list of concerns including the vaccine mandates. The letter notes, quote,”it appears that the fears of many of our community members have been realized in those mandates that the Government would force the vaccine on those who do not feel that they have sufficient reliable information or evidence to justify being vaccinated.” End of quote. The letter goes on to quote verses in the Book of Revelation and ended by stating that the pressure being placed on being vaccinated reinforces the view that there is a sinister plot behind the mandates. It further stated that if the vaccine works, let it speak for itself. When the government stifles freedom of speech and manipulates the public discourse, it causes more suspicion. The leaders represented the Mennonite communities of Spanish Lookout, Blue Creek and Shipyard.