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PM Briceno on Inflation

Also in the news this evening: Love News has been reliably informed that the price of flour has seen an increase. We are told that Belize Mills Limited issued a Flour Products Price List notice as of May 7. That price list puts Bebe Agua (Bakers Flour) forty-five kilogram at ninety-two dollars and fifty cents and La Gitana (hi-ta-na) (Counter Flour) forty-five kilogram at eighty dollars. Flour is not the only product that has seen an uptick. For the past several months, other products have seen a price jump. The media asked Prime Minister John Briceno how his government plans to properly address inflation. 

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “The issue of inflation is something that’s plaguing every single country in the world including the most powerful and richest nation in the world which is the United States of America. If you look at their inflation rate, it was also at about 5%. So it’s no comfort to Belizeans but it’s important and I believe that, generally, Belizeans understand that a lot of what we’re facing, it is out of our control. It is not in our hands. Even in agriculture, when we grow our own food, or vegetables for instance, the cost continues to go up because the inputs we use, the fertilisers, the insecticides, the seeds, you know the fuel, all of that is brought in from outside and the cost of that continues to go up. So, Belizeans understand that it is not something that is being done by our Government and also, Belizeans have seen that we are trying to do everything that we possibly can to be able to hold it down as best as we possibly can. For instance, we have the Supplies Control that is actively visiting shops and when they see a case of price gouging, they give them tickets and they’ll probably take them to court.”