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PM Briceno Says a Land Bridge to Mexico is Just an Idea at this Point

Earlier in the month, Prime Minister John Briceno led a delegation to Mexico. He was invited by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to participate in activities in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Independence. The Belize delegation held several meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, COPARMEX (the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Mexico), the Bank of Mexico, and FONATUR (The National Tourism Development Fund). During those meetings, a mutual desire to include Belize in the Riviera Maya strip was expressed. If this becomes possible then a forty-foot bridge would be constructed. In a past interview PM Briceno says that while it is an exciting idea, the government would not jump head-on without fine-tuning the details. And doing so will include consultations and proper. So, when we told him that the environmental community were up in arms, he said they are jumping ahead of themselves because, at this moment, the idea is just that, an idea.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “Obviously before we make any such decision we have to go through the process. At this time we’re talking about a plan. We’re talking about a vision and now for that to happen we have to make sure we follow the process, that we follow the laws of Belize, we follow the environmental laws and there’s going to be full consultations. We’re going to go through the NIAC, with the EIA process and everything. So I think they’re jumping the gun before they start to criticize. I think they should join us to see what is it that we’re proposing and how we could be able to transform north Ambergris Caye and the country because we truly need the revenues and the jobs for our people.”