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PM Briceno Says a Large Delegation was Needed for COP26

Belize’s delegation to COP26 is the largest that has been sent to date. About thirty persons including Prime Minister, John Briceno, Cabinet Secretary Stuart Leslie, ministers, CEOs and technical experts have all traveled to Glasgow, Scotland during the two weeks of COP26 to participate in what climate change experts describe as the world community’s last chance to address the effects of Climate Change. The Public Service Union (PSU) is demanding that accountability be demonstrated as it relates to who and how much was paid for the delegates to participate in this very important climate change conference.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “I could assure you that the majority of that thirty plus delegation including yourselves is not costing the Belizean tax payers a dollar. But what is important, what we need to understand that if we don’t come here and sit around the table we are going to be left out. That is being penny wise and pound foolish. The bigger delegation we have the more meetings we could attend and people could understand that Belize is here, Belize is doing it’s part but Belize needs assistance. This MOU that we’re signing today with WWF and TNC is a prime example whereby now people are seeing what we’re doing, other countries, and then they will be able to invest in this permanent fund that we’re setting up. You invest to be able to make money, that’s what we’re doing right here. It’s not a junket we’ve been here working from this morning.”