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PM Briceno Says GOB didn’t Cut Teachers’ Salaries but Allocation to Managing Authorities were Reduced

In other union matters: The Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) has taken its fight against the ten percent salary cut before the cuts. The BNTU has filed its claim and the first hearing was heard on Monday. The BNTU is being represented by Attorney Darrell Bradley, who said that the union’s position is that the government has no lawful authority to interfere in a private contract. The contract that Bradley is speaking of is one signed between a teacher and the school’s managing authority. But according to Prime Minister John Briceno, the BNTU has it wrong. He says that the government didn’t cut teachers’ salaries but that government’s allocation to managing authorities was reduced.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “I think that the BNTU had it wrong because we did not go and take away their – our cuts was with the school managers so if we used to give them $100 then we’re giving them $90. So it is with them not the teachers. Now there’s a cute little thing taking place. The school managers because it is a lot of teachers that they have they used our system for us to be able to write the checks for them. So when those checks were written obviously it had to reflect the 10% but it is not us deciding we’re going to cut from them it is the managing authorities. Once we gave them less money then obviously they passed on for us to pass on the check but we’re not paying them it’s just we’re doing it on behalf of the managing authority.”