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PM Briceno Says Interest Expressed in Investment Summit Valued at an estimated Six Hundred Thousand Dollars

Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper, the former Prime Minister of Canada arrived on Ambergris Caye yesterday for the 2-day investment summit set to begin tomorrow at the Grand Caribe Resort. PM Harper will the keynote speaker at the event as explained by the Belize’s Prime Minister John Briceno. Additionally, PM Briceno noted that interests have been expressed in Belize, valuing an estimated six hundred thousand dollars.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: What we have done over the past 11 to 12-months has demonstrated to investors at Belize is serious and when it comes to investing in Belize that there are great opportunities to invest in Belize. People don’t come to Belize to invest because they love us but because they want to make money and that’s fine it’s good that you can make your money but at the same time we as a government  have to make sure that we protect our environment that you live up to the laws of this country that we could collect some with benefits with some taxes and creating jobs for people. It’s a combination and we have demonstrated in  the restructuring of the supebond, restructuring that dead in the economy the pieces of legislation that we have been implementing the digitization process all of this has shown people that we are serious when it comes to business for the time being we are a small group from working from my office – they’re not paid that whenever any business person have any issue with BELTRAIDE or environment they go in there, or lands,  physically personally to go and see what’s holding it to be able to get it through and they’ve been having a number of accomplishments by doing that until we can put in place where we digitize everything and everybody can see what is taking place. So I think we have done a good job in convincing people that’s why I said the former Prime Minister Harper from Canada is going to be our guest speaker, we have the vice-president from the IDB we have the UNDP representative that is going to be here, CABEI is going to be here I think CDB will be here the diplomatic community and several investors are coming in and many we’re going to have several hundreds that are going to be logging in virtually for the opening ceremonies but from what we have seen we’re looking at areas investment in agriculture , tourism, in energy and the BPO and services sectors these are just some of the areas that you can come and invest in Belize and by doing that the people that have called in and companies that have called in to show interest and projects that they’d want to do in Belize is hovering around 600 million dollars. Not saying we’re going to get all 600 million of that investment but that’s what potential investment in Belize.”

The summit starts tomorrow at eight o’clock with the registration of participants. Love News will be on the island to bring you highlights of the event.