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PM Briceno Says no Christmas Cheer this Year

Prime Minister John Briceno says there won’t be any Christmas Cheer program this year. Instead, PM Briceno explained that a paper will be presented to the House tomorrow to allow for an augmentation to the assistance for the Community Development Program. He explains why.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “We don’t have Christmas Cheer program. We are going through a very very difficult time. The Cabinet has decided and will take it to the House, is to be able to augment the assistance that we do through the community development program and under the Community Development Program we’re going to increase significantly the amount of monies for all the constituencies including the UDP constituencies. Everybody is going to get the same amount based on the number of voters just like what we’re doing as it is monthly but we’re going to increase it substantially. We’re taking it to the House for debate and for approval and I hope that the opposition would also give us the support but that monies is going to be used to help people with food or to help them fix their little house because we’re going through a very hard time right now and we need to find a way as a government to see how we could help. So it’s not about parties and to throw away money but how we can give some kind of help to people that need help especially during a time when we’re supposed to be happy and celebrating and counting our blessings as Belizeans and so we want to do our part as the Government of Belize.”