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PM Briceno says SOE Necessary

We also asked the Prime Minister for his views on the State of Emergency implemented in the Saint Martin’s area of Belize City. Yesterday Deputy Prime Minister Cordel Hyde who is the area representative for Lake Independence said he did not agree with the SOE. PM Briceno says he understands the DPM’s points. 

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: I could understand the Deputy Prime Minister’s position. He lives in the community. He knows the people intimately in the area. I mean look at the success that he’s been having at the polls, and so I can understand his frustration. But the cabinet does support setting up this State of Emergency within that small region because history has shown that whenever some gang shooting happens, then you see just mass shooting out there. Just going after any and every body and many instances you have innocent people being killed. I remember the little kid that went to buy ice cream, I think with his dad or his uncle on a bicycle and he was shot and killed.  That little child had no chance to live out his life. So I believe that we rather err on the judgement of being extremely cautious and declaring a state of emergency and holding things down until things can calm down than to just not do anything.  So I can understand his frustration. He lives in that area, but we have to look at the big picture.  Historically, whenever any kind of shooting like that happens, you have these guys shooting up one another, and too many innocent people have been murdered.