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PM Briceno Tours the KHMH

Here at home, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, John Briceno visited the nation’s most important health facility, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize. His visit comes following a report Love News broadcast that the hospital’s COVID-19 has reached a critical level. PM Briceno sought to assure the hospital staff and the nation that his government remains committed to ensuring that best efforts are made to address the current problems.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “Well I need to start off to express my gratitude to the management and staff of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The work that they’re doing is simply incredible and amazing and a lot of the work that they’re doing you could see is based more on love and determination and believing in what they’re doing. So I want to express on behalf of myself, the government and even the people of this country our profound gratitude to them. But I also think it was important for me to come and take a first hand look at the issue with COVID and the intake of COVID patients that continue to rise and again the staff has shown great ingenuity in moving things around, trying to find more spaces to bring more patients in to make it available for patients and again it shows that with ingenuity and hard work and conviction a lot can be done. I want to also express and let our staff here at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital know that we also as a government we also have a responsibility to them to see and to ensure that we can do our very best for them to have the necessary tools, the equipment, the medication and as much as possible the human resources to be able to fight this pandemic that has been affecting too many Belizeans right now. So our commitment is to Karl Heusner. I’ll be meeting with the Minister of Health Minister Chebat and to talk to him about what are the plans to ensure that we can continue to give the necessary support that KHMH needs and I want to end with this that all of this that we are doing  can be avoided if people get vaccinated. So again I appeal to Belizens please get vaccinated as soon as you possibly can, that’s the only way we can go back to some sort of normalcy in this country where we can be able to open up the economy more and people can work to look after their families and to help to develop this country.”