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PM Briceno Weighs on Former UDP Minister Suing the COI

Former Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Former Deputy Prime Minister Hugo Patt, and former UDP Minister Godwin Hulse have filed lawsuits against GOB’s Commission of Inquiry. The commission, which was tasked to look into the sale of Government assets by the former administration, had published a report on its findings in January. In that report, the commission made allegations without seeking comments from the claimants. The men claim the commission violated their rights to natural justice and have sought legal redress. Today, Prime Minister Briceno commented on the issue.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “I don’t think you could hold me responsible for that. We set up a Commission, a Commission of Inquiry to be able to find out what happened to these vehicles. It is very clear that these vehicles were handled in a corrupt fashion. When you look at the case the people that brought up the case did not bring up the case to say that they did not do anything wrong they’re just using a procedural case to say well we were not called in to try to defend ourselves. Mind you they are not saying whether they did not do something wrong or right they are just saying well I was not given an opportunity. Now I’m not an attorney so you cannot hold me responsible for something that I know nothing about. The point is that previous government disposed these vehicles in a corrupt fashion to former ministers, to political cronies, at a pittance at the expense of the Belizean people and I again make no apology to be able to bring that to light and if we can hold anybody responsible legally for what they did we are going to do it.”