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PM comments on Cattouse’s Murder

Seventy two year old Albert Cattouse was gunned down in Belize City last week Thursday night. The activist was in his taxi when he was shot and killed. The activist community believed that his murder was a political hit, meant to send them a message. However, the Prime Minister is of a different opinion. Today the Prime Minister shared what the police investigation has revealed.

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“With respect to Mr. Cattouse, now I know you said Mr. Cattouse was an activist and no doubt he was but I considered myself very much an acquaintance of Mr. Cattouse I knew him well and I didn’t see him very often these latter days but whenever I did we were extremely pleasant to each other. What I gather from the police is completely at odds with any notion that this was a political hit and I am willing to bet my life that no UDP personality in the leadership of this party would ever do something like that. I don’t know how much I am allowed to say about what the police have gathered regarding the circumstances but I don’t see any of the ministers waving me off so perhaps I can proceed. It appears the reconstruction the police have been able to come up with, of course to prove what they believe they know is a different thing, but it seems that somebody caught Mr.Cattouse’s taxi the fare had him drive to a particular neighborhood where two other persons came into the taxi and then Mr. Cattouse was told that they needed to go to a particular area but by then he realized that a gun was evident and the version that the police had been told is that he refused, he said he wasn’t on that and obviously the fear was that these people were going to in fact perform some sort of a hit or commit murder and he refused and according to the report I saw he told them they had to get out and stopped his taxi and they exited and when they were exiting one of them shot him and killed him so that’s the version of events that the police have been able to come up with.”