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PM Disappointed in CCJ’s Ruling with Regards to BTL’s Trust

During the press conference, the Prime Minister also expressed the disappointment in the CCJ’s ruling with regards to how much monies will be going to the BTL employee charitable trust.

Rt.Hon.Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“We do feel that the Belizean people have been shortchanged in that the amount of the funding of local projects is under $11 million, we had expected far more. We are still trying to understand how the Ashcroft people slipped the noose in terms of their being able to have the court approve the quantum that the court did as representing their liabilities. But as I said perhaps in the question and answer session if I am asked about the details of that I can, in fact, share my thoughts further with you. That then is the overview of where we are, it is a fair deal of foreign exchange that we have to find but we can comfortably find it and that is the only sense in which it is of significance. It does nothing with respect to the budget, does nothing with respect to the fiscal position and in so far as it is important in the context of the Central Bank’s reserves, those payments can and will be comfortably managed.”