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PM: Dr. Barnett remains in Cabinet

After going at it two times to capture the hearts of the Freetown voter, Dr Carla Barnett didn’t make it.  Some are saying that her political career is over with this last loss against OJ Elrington but is her career in the public service, particularly, under the Barrow administration?  It is a question that popped up immediately after the UDP convention in Freetown earlier this month.  Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow provided us with an answer.

Honorable Prime Minister Dean Barrow: “Let me be careful, the fact is she did not win and that will allow some people to draw certain conclusions about Carla’s political career but it has never been questioned that with respect to professional ability, with respect to administrative ability, with respect to brain power, with respect to experience both here and abroad at the highest levels, she is an invaluable resource so why on earth would I not continue to wish to make use of and deploy those skills of her as as a member of Cabinet.

Dr Barnett has served in several positions in the financial sector for both the current administration and former ones.