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PM Explains Terms of Meeting with Churches

After waiting for an hour and a half to hear what the decision was that came out of the meetings and after getting the initial reactions from a few of the Church leaders that were in the meeting, Prime Minister Dean Barrow went into detail of the decisions made while explaining the rationale along the way; in his presentation he made it very clear that his Government is not prepared to argue the Section 53 ruling in its entirety.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow went on to speak of his administration’s position when it comes to the criminalization of sexual acts between consenting adults; this, he says, was made known to the churches in last Monday’s meeting.

As it relates to the appeal of the ruling in its entirety, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says his decision to appeal in-part has now lent for the churches to do a full appeal.

The Anglican and Methodist Church leaders have expressed that they are not interested in the full appeal.  We will share their explanations later on in the news.