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PM Expresses Concern at Rapid Response from Union

The Council of Management of the Belize National Teacher’s Union has been accused of not consulting with its membership on its latest Stand Up for Belize move. In his address on the matter, Prime Minister Dean Barrow seemed surprised that in just eighteen hours after his meeting BNTU’s Council of Management, he received a letter indicating that the union will proceed with industrial action. BNTU President Luke Palacio says that proper procedure was followed.


I had already attempted to address the demands in my response letter to them of September 14th and I made further efforts to do so in last thursday’s meeting. But the BNTU leadership proved unyielding and after the meeting they summarily rejected Government in under 18 hours, despite promising to consult with their wider membership. In doing so I believe they are being wholly unreasonable.


The Prime Minister goes to the House of Representative passes a law and passes it in three readings in less than an hour so 18 hours is more than enough. The BNTU does nothing else than be democratic, the ones that are not democratic are the government. Every time they speak what is the word the Prime Minister uses? He says “we are elected and we are a majority and we will do what we have to do, he doesn’t go back to the constituency, he doesn’t go back to the electorate to make decisions so why is it now that he is trying to condemn the BNTU because in his view we are not consulting with our members. We have consulted with our members, we have our membership’s support and we will demonstrate that we have thier support.”