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PM: “Faber’s Road is a Critical Artery to the Port”

According to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the reconstruction of Fabers Road was considered as an urgent project due to its importance.

Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: “This Fabers Road project is something that is provided for with respect to the scope of works, the identical scope of work that we are implementing by way of the contract, provided for in the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project phase three. Of course we had a problem because we have still not yet concluded phase two of the Southside Poverty Alleviation Program and in the normal course we must complete phase two before you can go to phase three logical enough and there ought to be an audit at the end of phase two in order for you to transition to phase three. Where we are with phase two the estimate is that it will take perhaps another five to six months for us to conclude phase two and thus be able to move to phase three where we would have naturally as a first priority sought to implement the Fabers Road project under phase three. But Fabers Road is in such bad shape, it is such a critical artery to the port, used now by people not just from the South and from the West but from the north because they cut across the Chetumal Street bridge and somebody was making a comparison with the price paid for Fabers Road when it was first constructed twenty years ago those apart from everything in terms of the cost of cement and material but also the scope of works please I ask the members of the media and the public to remember that nowadays everything when you talk to any international funding agency about financing any kind of infrastructure project they will tell you that the name of the game is building climate resilient infrastructure. That means that if 22 years ago you had the road here now you have to raise it, exaggerating, ten feet to deal with rising sea levels whatever. So it is so outrageously a false comparison to look at what something would have cost twenty years ago and to compare it with the cost now. Forget the question of how much materials have gone up, notwithstanding the best efforts of your much loved government, so really that was not on when the attempt was made to say ‘oh look at how much this project cost twenty years ago’ also the project twenty years ago is nothing like the project today.”