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PM Gives Guat Time to Come to the Table

The Statutory Instrument by the Government over the Sarstoon has about two week remaining before its thirty day time period comes to an end. While some individuals have said they will wait out the time before attempting to venture on the Sarstoon River, there are others like the Belize National Teacher’s Union and the Opposition, PUP who have demanded that the government completely withdraws the SI. Today we met up with Prime Minister Dean Barrow who told us that they reserve the right to terminate the SI but they have chosen to give Guatemala a chance to comply before making that decision.


“Once this week is completed there are only two more weeks before the law expires on it’s own. As we’ve indicated in the statement we do reserve the right to in fact terminate the law before the expiry date but that would not happen certainly before next week. The idea is to give the Guatemalans a chance to come to the table, we’ve had every indication that that will happen but if it doesn’t then we need to make very clear that time is of the essence.”