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PM Hopes for Realization of Pipeline Projects

As we stated earlier, the Prime Minister is making the best of the remainder of his historical third term.  From all indications in the last eight plus years, it has been evident that the Prime Minister is not one who enjoys losing nor is he one cares to tarnish his name.  This would explain his commitment to the private sector to push for the realization of the pipeline projects in the Ministry of Investment.


“For the remainder of this my final term we shall be relentless in the pursuit of commercial and industrial expansion and an increase in overall output. In so doing we will carefully balance the interest of perspective investors with those of you who are already invested and if just a slice of the greater than $1.5 billion dollar in the more than 25 pipeline projects announced by the Ministry of Investments during last month’s budget debate materializes Belize can seriously expect higher than average growth over the next 24 months.”

Prime Minister Dean Barrow was first elected as the Belize’s leader in 2008.  He is the first Prime Minister in Belize to have had a three peat win at the polls as Prime Minister.  His career in politics goes even further back as he was first elected as a City Councillor in 1983 and then to the House of Representatives in 1984 as the Area Representative for the Queen’s Square division.  Prime Minister Barrow is not only looking to wrap up his role as Prime Minister but is also looking to retire from the political arena.