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PM hopes Media & Police Relationship Normalize

The media has instituted a boycott on all event related to the Belize Police Department. The boycott is a response to the Department’s decision to not grant any more interviews with respect to crime. Today Prime Minister Dean Barrow shared he hopes the media and the Police iron out the issues.

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“And in terms of the police and the deterioration of the relationship with the media well both ministers are here and I’m sure that can be worked out. We are concerned and I have said that it is the duty of the government to treat you well despite the fact that it seems to be the obligation of you and your fellows to treat the government badly but that is the way it is so in a democracy I am completely with you that the press should never be excluded and I make the appeal because it is something we talked about and so I know that I’m not in any way going against the position of my colleagues. We will sort out that business of the disruption of relations between the media and the police.”