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PM: Money will be Replenished Through the Tourism Industry

Either on or before November 10, Belize’s Foreign Reserves will be US $78 Million less. That’s a huge chunk of money which Prime Minister Dean Barrow says will be replenished through the Tourism Industry.

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“This is also the season when there are lots of exports and the tourism service; you might consider a kind of export. With what has happened in terms of Irma and Maria and so much of Caribbean tourism having been wiped out there is a diversion to Belize and already the tourism people are telling you that the results of that are evident they are being felt. The new Canadian run by WestJet is starting on Friday. So there is going to be in fact I think a significant net inflow in terms of inflow of foreign exchange versus an outflow of foreign exchange.”