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PM Responds to UDP Chairman’s Statement on Appointed Justices to Court of Appeal

The United Democratic Party says that the PUP government failed to consult the Opposition on the appointment of the three Court of Appeal justices. UDP Chairman Michael Peyrefitte told the media earlier this week that the Opposition was not consulted when the government decided to appoint justices Sandra Minott-Phillips, Peter Foster and Marguerite Woodstock Riley to the Court of Appeal. We got a reaction from Prime Minister John Briceno who told Love News that his government did consult.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “I will be kind because I really have some choice words that I want to say about them about Mr.Peyrefitte in particular. He’s a loud mouth and can want to twist the truth. We sent a letter to consult with the Leader of the Opposition. Every time we used that very same email he receives every letter that we sent. When we consulted with him at that time Patrick Faber was the Leader of the Opposition so we consulted with Patrick Faber. Patrick Faber decided not to respond or to respond then that’s his decision but we have consulted, that’s what we are required to do under the law to consult. When I was Leader of the Opposition there are times that I was consulted by the Prime Minister and sometimes 90% of the time we would respond but there are one or two times that we felt that it’s best that we don’t respond and then the Prime Minister then would proceed we did not get up and say ‘Oh we will sue because they didn’t consult because never answered.’ and Mr.Peyrefitte knows better he’s an attorney maybe not the better attorneys in Belize but he’s just a loud mouth and want attention and well he’s getting the attention that he wants. We sent it to the Leader of the Opposition when it was time for that consultation. At that time the Leader of the Opposition was Honorable Patrick Faber. Right now it is supposedly Honorable Shyne Barrow but who knows tomorrow maybe it will be somebody else. We have difficulty trying to find out who is who, who is leader, who is deputy leader or who is the Leader of the Opposition so we’re doing as best as we can.”