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PM Returns Home Awaiting Results of Biopsy

Belize’s 3-term Prime Minister, Dean Barrow was scheduled to return home last Wednesday following meetings with country creditors in New York, USA.  Prior to his leaving for the US, he was experiencing some medical issues which reportedly worsened during his time in New York thus delaying his return home.  The Government’s Press Office had quoted that the leader had a case of viral gastroenteritis and had opted to remain in the US for treatment and tests.  After his return on Saturday evening, the Press Office issued another release saying that Prime Minister Barrow was happy to be back home and was feeling fully recovered.  As for his medical issues, a New York Gastroenterologist reportedly found a lesion on the colon and as a result further tests were taken including a biopsy.  The results are still pending but the specialist is reportedly confident that it is a stercoral ulcer on his colon and is not cancerous.  The results are expected by the end of the week.