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PM reveals the Reason Behind Parke’s Resignation

Four days ago, Franz Parke resigned from the post of Justice of the Court of Appeal. His resignation came unexpected for many, but for a few in the PUP it was no surprise. A week before the announcement was made, the PUP through its attorneys sent a letter to Solicitor General Nigel Hawke. The letter warned that if Government continued supporting Parke’s appointment it would release hundreds of documents containing multiple alarming allegations against Parke. Love News asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow about it.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I know that there was some letter sent the fact is that Mr. Parke in speaking to me has said, expanded a little on what I saw as the content of his letter of resignation to the Governor General I think that was very laconic saying that he was resigning with immediate effect. Mr.Parke insists that whatever they are alleging or charging he can very easily debunk, rebut, dismiss but that clearly they are raising allegations means that he will have to not just compile evidence to rubbish the allegations he would himself have to swear an affidavit and subject himself to cross-examination. He tells me that he consulted with the President of the Court of Appeal and that they agreed that this would really expose the judiciary in a way that is untenable and uncountenanceable and he is saying that for him it’s not a problem simply to resign, he doesn’t live here he has his practice in the US and so it is in those circumstances that he decided to call it quits.”

Parke’s appointment was received by much opposition, not only from the PUP, but a number of social partner groups.