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Following this afternoon’s decision from the Chief Justice, Prime Minister Dean Barrow held an impromptu press conference at 4:30 this evening on the stairs of the Laing Building. The PM said that he was disappointed in the decision but he says it was only the battle lost today not the war. He says the current strategy has three approaches as how to proceed forward with this current judicial roadblock.

He says if there is any postponement of the April 10 referendum, he expects it to be a short term postponement. He believes there will be an outcome that will allow the referendum to proceed and the people of Belize will get their right to make their determination one way or another. But was there any foul up on the proceedings as the Government did employ an attorney who was once firmly tied to the former PUP administration? The PM said that he has absolute confidence in Lisa Shoman and if they do feel the need to get additional counsel it would be only if it would help to move the proceedings at a faster pace.

To sum up the Prime Minister’s current strategy which starts with a huddle session with Attorney General Mike Peyrefitte and Lisa Shoman at the Laing building this evening, they will: 1) apply to the CJ for a variation of the order to make the referendum proceed as planned on the tenth of April without a certification of the results until the matter is fully litigated in court; 2) allow for the substantive matter to proceed on Monday before the CJ and hope for a decision on Tuesday and 3) seek redress at the Court of Appeal and file an application against today’s ruling of the CJ on an urgent basis.   So at least for the next week, we will be having more reports from the court on this matter of historic importance.