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PM Says Belize/Guatemala Issue to be Left to the Professionals

The protestors dispersed before midday.  Following the House Meeting, Prime Minister Dean Barrow shared his reaction to the protest.


“You know these people have a claim, you know their claim is in a sense almost bizarre in terms of saying that the entire Sarstoon belongs to them, we completely reject that, we will continue to maintain our sovereignty assertions but we insist that that particular exercise ought to the formation* of the security forces and that civilians getting involved in what is, I understand, a commendable fit of patriotism and a determination to fly the Belizean flag literally and metaphorically, we say that no man, in a very complicated difficult situation leave it to the professionals to try to preserve and safe guard Belizean sovereignty. Don’t do what you are doing which if we respond the way you want us to, we are saying to Mr.Maheia and others, it will inevitably result in some kind of shooting incident in which the civilians will no doubt be caught in the cross fire.  So we are perfectly satisfied that we are handling it in the best way it ought to be handled in the circumstances and to the extent that Mr.Maheia and his people want to continue to berate us that is fine.”