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PM says BTL agreement “might have been far more tightly drawn so that the objective that I sought to achieve”

The nationalization of Belize Telemedia Limited came at a hefty price and that’s not including the millions of dollars in litigation fees. The complex legal war over the telecom giant spanned many years and the final battle of legal position was heard in the courtroom Justice Courtenay Abel who dismissed a claim brought by Sunshine Holdings against Dean Boyce and the BTL Employees Trust. Sunshine Holdings which is controlled by Nestor Vasquez was asking the courts to order that Boyce and the trust return the millions they received in compensation. Justice Abel dismissed the claim, saying it was baseless. Yesterday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked if he should have drafted a more airtight settlement agreement with Ashcroft in order to avoid the loss.

Yesterday the Prime Minister indicated that he hopes Sunshine Holdings would appeal. If that happens then the legal saga continues.