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PM Says Castro Stays in Cabinet Despite Opposition’s Request

Last Friday, July 3, the Minister of State, Edmond Castro, dropped his lawsuit against Alvarine Burgess – a woman, who had made allegations against Castro and his involvement in a hustle of selling visas.  As a result, Castro now has to pay thirty thousand dollars to Burgess, as ordered by the court.  Since then the People’s United Party has issued a statement calling for either Castro to resign from the House of Representatives or for the Prime Minister to remove him.  Prime Minister responded, saying he fails to see the rationale.


“The man just won a huge convention victory; what happened in court is that he withdrew his defamation suit. How on Earth would that be a basis for his removal from Cabinet?  That is nonsense and I am not prepared to dignify it any further with a response.  Mr. Castro was a huge victor in Belize Rural North; the numbers were substantial that strikes me as a kind of vote of confidence where his voters are concerned.  So that is what I will go on. I don’t know about the allegations; this is not about Castro being charged; this was Castro having brought a defamation suit against people that he said libeled him. I don’t get how you get from there to suggesting that some investigation ought to take place from my point of view.”