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PM Says General Elections and Referendum Will Not Be Simultaneous

Fonseca believes that the Prime Minister’s plan is to hold a general elections and a referendum simultaneously in Belize. Barrow says that could not be further from the truth.


“I see now the opposition is trying to get cute with the issue. I see the Leader of the Opposition doing a kind of two step, a dance that certainly doesn’t impress me and I see where he had said, “Look if you want to be saddled with this thing forever then do nothing, but if we want a resolution as a country the only way to get a resolution is go to the ICJ” and now see him doing a completely about face and I see the Leader of the Opposition suggest that we are ready for the referendum now and the only reason I say as I’ve said to the Guatemalans, ‘no sir, not this year, possibly next year; in perhaps second half of next year’.  The Leader of the Opposition says that is because I am trying to ensure that there is no linkage between the referendum and the next general elections. These are two separate things and I don’t care what he says, there will be no linkage. The general elections are to be held in a climate in which the referendum can’t feature except by way of some attempt to force it into the campaign by the opposition and I think won’t work. There is going to be in terms of our party, in terms of the cabinet a vote on this issue, a free vote, I’ve said that when we had the thing at the Fort George and I repeat, I am not afraid in terms of my own position. In a referendum I will vote to go to the ICJ and I am not going to go on about face because of political experiences but I don’t know what the Leader of the Opposition thinks he is achieving. I can say the same thing, if I took a poll now I would suspect that perhaps the majority of my cabinet would vote the way I would vote but it doesn’t matter and there is no need to take that sort of a poll because the referendum will come when it will come after the general elections.”