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PM Says Incursions Will Not Stop But Efforts Must Continue

At the core of last Wednesday’s shooting of a Guatemalan minor is the fact that there has been an increase in the number of incursions into Belizean territory. While Prime Minister Barrow has said the immediate danger of last week has passed, the reality is there is the chance for a repeat of the situation.


“It’s impossible for us to stop people from coming across. Indeed we would like the Guatemalan officials on their side to do more to try to stop these people from coming over but even they can’t wholly succeed in such an effort no matter how hard they would try. In the circumstances while everything must be done to discourage the illegal activity the unauthorized, improper entries into Belizean territory by Guatemalan civilians for illegal purposes we have to accept that that phenomenon will not stop and therefore there must as well be perhaps even greater concentration on what I talked about. The cooperation between the two militaries to ensure that when the BDF after reconnaissance would have confirmed the presence of activity is going to deal with that activity the Guatemalans should know and should try to make sure that on their side civilians are kept in place so that we can avoid a conflict between those civilians and the BDF.”