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PM Says Senator Hulse Will Not Go

One of the eight demands that the Belize National Teacher’s Union had submitted to the Government of Belize is for the removal of Senator Godwin Hulse as Minister of Police. Hulse was named in the Auditor General Special Report. The BNTU is asking that Hulse has absolutely nothing to do with the Senate Inquiry into the findings of the report. This demand has been rejected by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who in last week’s meeting with BNTU’s Council of management, reminded BNTU President Luke Palacio and his colleagues of the 2005 ruling of then Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh on a similar case.


I refer to the decision of then Chief Justice Conte which held that an earlier 2005 demand by the BNTU that the contractor general of that time be fired was out of order, illegal, and could form no part of a labor dispute. Based on this I argued that it was not proper for them to demand as an industrial relations action that I will move Minister Hulse, a man whose probity was in any case unquestioned. But once more they insisted and i could make no progress.”


You will note that the Prime Minister conveniently reported on a decision by former Chief Justice Conte in the 2005 issue about where the unions were asking for the contractor general to be removed and that the Chief Justice ruled that that is not a matter for industrial action but he refused to tell this nation that the same Chief Justice Conte ruled that it was illegal for them to instruct management to take out of teacher’s salaries.”