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PM says Shoman comments may land her in hot water

Yesterday we told you about the open letter written to Prime Minister Dean Barrow by former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senator, Lisa Shoman. Shoman’s letter was in response to a recent comment made by the present Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington in regards to the Guatemalan Belize territorial dispute. In an interview, Elrington said that Belize has to go to the ICJ in order for our borders to be defined. In her letter, Shoman wrote quote, “For the Foreign Minister of Belize to make that statement is nothing short of ridiculous and it is utterly wrong.” End of quote. Today the Prime Minister alluded that Shoman’s comment may have gotten her in trouble with the Inter- American Development Bank. Shoman was recently selected to be a judge on the IDB’s tribunal.


Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister:

“I’m not sure that I will respond to that letter I just got something today from the IDB a while ago. Miss Shoman is a member of a tribunal that deals with staff matters there is now a complaint made against her in consequence of what she said with respect to the Foreign Minister and the whole issue of borders and so on. I don’t know what the details are I haven’t seen the letter that she sent to me but I better leave that alone in the event that Miss Shoman would want to rethink her position in consequence of what is happening at the IDB.”

In her letter, Shoman stated that Elrington’s comments must be rejected in its entirety.