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Government & Politics

PM Supports Castro and Comments on PUP's Internal Politics

Earlier in the week, the People’s United Party announced that its Dangriga’s Area Representative and Standard Bearer, Ivan Ramos, will not contest the next general elections. This shift is the latest move we have seen the PUP do in order to get ready for the general elections which the Prime Minister says will be later rather than sooner. On the other side, the United Democratic Party has most of its candidates in line with only the Orange Walk South and Belize Rural North areas left. Yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that they are pretty much ready for the general elections and he also shared his thoughts on the internal politics of the opposition.


“Perhaps for fear of having any further efforts at changes turn out to be as shambolic as their last effort was.  I couldn’t get the full sense of it because naturally, I had to be satisfied with the electronic version of the news …. But what a shambles; I am sure people would have noted the comparison between our very orderly transitions with everybody singing the same song-key.  And when they looked at what happened there, talk about … well, I was going to say wandering off the reservation, but that might be politically incorrect. Talk about not following the script and talk about the candidate being elbowed out, having said things that I am sure will continue to haunt the People’s United Party. If there is any chance of that happening in the UDP, it is alright, let me stay far from any further changes ….. But on a serious note now, we are happy now with the lineup subject to the two conventions that you mention. The man is my cabinet college of course I support him. I want to make clear that I think Mr. Dwight Tillett to be an outstanding fellow and I wish him well.  I have not a bad word to say about him.  In fact I would have only good things to say about him but I support my cabinet colleague.”

The general election in Belize is to be held every five years which means that the next one is not due until 2017 … but in politics, any number can play.



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