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PM to Probe Into the Bandits, Saldivar and Mason; Saldivar Placed on Leave

Events unfolding over the last twenty four hours have brought a dark cloud over the Barrow administration and by extension, the United Democratic Party.  Within one day, a Cabinet Minister was asked to resign on the heels of a land scandal; a prominent UDP attorney has died and a Belmopan City Councillor has been detained by police for forgery.  To add to that list, we have been notified by the Government Press Office that Minister of Defense, John Saldivar has been placed on one week leave.  This announcement comes due to the publication of a document from the Companies’ Registry regarding the Bandits, William Mason and Saldivar.  The release reads, quote, “The Office of the Prime Minister announces that Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Defense, has been put on one week’s leave of absence. Hon. Saldivar has said that he took steps after September 2015 to put an end to the football business arrangement which had been formalized between him and Mr. Danny Mason via the August 2015 registration of a company in which they both became shareholders. The week’s leave is to enable the Prime Minister to take legal advice on whether the steps the Minister took were enough to effectively sever the business relationship established between the Minister and Mr. Mason by the formation of the company.”  End of quote.