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PM: “We are going to get value for money” from Fabers Road project

Contractor Imer Hernandez has had his own share of controversy over the past years. He has received several multi-million dollar infrastructural contracts under the UDP Government. He is a known relative to former UDP Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega. Critics believe that Hernandez was awarded the $7.9 million dollars Faber’s Road Reconstruction contract because of his political ties. Yesterday PM Dean Barrow dismissed those assertions.

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: “To paraphrase Dean Lindo if Gaspar Vega dies they are not going to bury Imer Hernandez you know. I don’t know except for the familial relationship with Gaspar Vega I don’t know Imer Hernandez to be a politician of any stripe. I listen to Mr. Brackett I certainly don’t agree with him that Imer is not a good contractor. There are very many projects that he has done and it is my clear understanding that he has done those projects satisfactorily. The Ministry of Works certainly had no difficulty with Imer Hernandez, there has been no blackballing of Imer Hernandez so I understand the political angle that you are trying to get at but it really ought not be allowed to work, this man is a contractor, has been a contractor for years and years and years as far as we are concerned a good one; he will be able in my mind to do this job properly and if there is any doubt the performance this afternoon of Mr. Moody ought to say to you all let those doubts be stilled. Clearly this man knows exactly what he is about, he has explained what the process will be to ensure at every step of the way that the contractor performs properly, all the tests, the technicians on site and what he didn’t say, any phase is finished and there is a problem the contractor won’t get paid so I don’t believe we need have any fears at all on that score. We are going to get value for money, we are going to get a first class project.”