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Police accused of bias

Police are again being criticized for their response to a case of a domestic nature. That case involves Gary Yearwood, the brother of Inspector of Police Fitzroy Yearwood. It is not so much his relation to the inspector that has many on social media abuzz. Gary Yearwood is being accused of aggressing his ex-common-law with a weapon during an argument between the two. He has been arrested, charged with aggravated assualt, and remanded but the police has come under fire for the way they investigated and handled the matter. Acting Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says he does not see where the investigators have erred, adding that given the record, the department cannot take reports of domestic disputes or violence lightly.

DCP Chester Williams: “After I saw a post on facebook I contacted the regional commander of region 3 and based on my discussion with him I did not see that the conduct of the Police in dealing with that matter was done with any degree of malafend, I really and truly don’t see it. I know that yes people will say things. I know Gary Yearwood well and based on what I am told it was matter between him and the girl and I don’t think there was any other witnesses who could have refuted any other story and so the officer said that he decided since it was at that stage it is better it go to the court and let the court decide who the court is going to believe. We know that these incidents that involve boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife sometimes are of a domestic nature and we really and truly cannot take that lightly. The second most reasons behind murders last year was due to domestic issues or matters between man and woman and so if we want to change that tide then as a department we really and truly need to look at incidents of those natures more seriously and try to act in a way that is reasonable to be able to try and have these matters resolved through the courts and I personally don’t see any issue in respect to the matter where Gary Yearwood is concerned.”

The incident was reported by 31 year-old Royann Riverol she told police that  around 8 o’clock on the night of January 1st, 2019, she was driving toward Belize City when she spotted Yearwood, her ex, heading in the opposite direction in the company of a woman. She admitted to police that she followed Yearwood to his home in Los Lagos. They got into an argument when both exited their vehicles and that’s when she slapped Yearwood in the face. She adds that he then pulled out his licensed 9mm pistol, pointed it at her, and said, “You don’t know what I would do to you.”  She then reported the incident to police.