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Police and Taiwan signed cooperation agreement

This morning representatives of Belize Police Department and the Embassy of the republic of China (Taiwan) signed a cooperation agreement and received a donation of communication equipment. Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Elodio Aragon and Ambassador Charles Liu spoke on the cooperation.

Elodio Aragon, Minister of Police

“Today we are here to sign the agreement on the police cooperation between Belize and the Republic of China Taiwan in regards to the handing over of some equipment to the police department in terms of some phones that we will be using in improving our communication system with the men and women on the ground and our 911 system. I want to tell you all that this is a donation of $100,000 and I think that it’s a donation that will go a long way. We all know that we have a good relationship with Taiwan and we’ve also have a good relationship between the police department and the Taiwanese embassy here in Belize. This donation will definitely go a long way. You see the police department if we are to improve upon our services, if we are to improve upon the kind of policing that this country deserves then we must move steadily towards the future in incorporating technologies that will ensure that we deliver these services to the general publics.”

Ambassador Charles Liu

“An exchange of working experience among police, are more and more important. The government of Belize and the Government of Taiwan understand the importance of enhancing police capabilities in preventing transnational crimes and wish to strengthen cooperation.”