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Police & Area Rep meet with businesses affected by crime

Today, the Police Department held its weekly meet and greet in the downtown area of Belize City. This meet and greet was a very timely one given the recent spike in crime which has occurred in that area. Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police and Tracy Taegar-Panton, the Area Representative for Albert, were a part of today’s event. Williams admitted that the department was concentrating on the known hot spots and, as a result, had decreased its police presence in the downtown area. However, the department intends to increase the numbers once again to address the crime situation and make the businesses and shoppers feel safe again.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police:  “I am sure you are certain that we have been seeing an increase of robberies on Albert Street and so as a part of our Meet and Greet process for today we decided to come and visit the business Sector to see what are their concerns and to explain to them what we intend to put in place to be able to alleviate the concerns that they may have pertaining to their safety and the so the Police as well as the area rep for Albert Mrs Panton are visiting the various places and explain to them what we will be doing to address the crime problem on Albert Street and we are hoping that what we have planned that it will alleviate the concerns of the shoppers as well as persons who have business space on Albert St.”