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Police Association takes Commissioner of Police to court

The Police Association is taking the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams to court. Corporal Eldon Arzu, the president of the Police Association is seeking judicial review of the decision of made by the Commissioner to amend the Police Association rules. That change stipulates that quote, “no member of the police department shall serve as chairman for more than two terms,” unquote.  Commissioner Williams says he is fine with being taken to court.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “That statutory instrument was drafted even before I became Commissioner. It just so happened that it was completed after I had taken over as Commissioner so as the new Commissioner I signed it. I have no issue with the instrument for the simple fact that when you are the Chairman of the Police Association and when the previous Commissioner has given you some degree of privilege to be Chairman in that the Chairman does not do Police work and focuses on the Association’s businesses and so that officer would be removed from policing to just to focus on Association business and to an officer to be doing that for more than two years you are doing a disservice to him in terms of his professional development and promotability. In order to see how we can strike a balance where you serve at the prison for two years and then you come back into corporate policing so that you can develop yourself. I see that being the reason for the instrument and I have no issue with it. Corporal Arzu needs to understand that he is a Police officer and he is a subject to the Commissioner of Police. The Police Act clearly states that the Association works for the Commissioner of Police and advises the Commissioner on welfare issues other than promotions and transfer. The previous Commissioner had given Corporal Arzu some directives. Corporal Arzu has refused to comply with the previous Commissioner’s directive. Well I am going to say to him I am a different person. I am not going to allow any member of this department to believe that they are bigger than the department because none of us, not even me. When it comes to the work of the association the previous Commissioner was on his tour. During his tour officers of the department who pays the association money every year questioned the then Commissioner about what was being done about their money that they are paying the Association. Rightfully so they need to know the Association is spending their money the way it should.  The then Commissioner couldn’t answer them so what he did he had directed Mr. Arzu to submit to him an audit of the association account which the Commissioner has all rights to do. Corporal Arzu then wrote back the then Commissioner saying that he is not going to do it. Man this man seemingly believes that he is bigger than the Commissioner. After I took over I informed Mr. Brasta to meet with Mr. Arzu and say to him that I support what the previous Commissioner was doing and I want the report to be submitted and I am still awaiting that report. Instead I got an application for judicial review and I have no issue with it.”

Commissioner Williams says they are preparing to go to court.