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Police Association takes issues with the Commissioner to Court

The newly appointed Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has made several changes since being appointed top cop in the police department. However, one rule that he is trying to institute has been met with disdain and it has to do with the appointment of the chairman of the Police Association. As it concerns the police association, the Commissioner has made a decision that the tenure of the chairman should be limited to two terms. Corporal Eldon Arzu, the Chairman of the Police Association, who has served in that capacity for seven years is challenging that decision in court.  Today, he appeared along with his attorney Stacey Grinage before Justice Shona Griffith.  However, the case was adjourned for the claim to be amended. Grinage spoke with the media after today’s hearing.

Stacey Grinage Attorney: “We think that there were some errors in coming to those decisions and we have to apply for permission first for judicial review so that is what we were here for. We had an exchange in court and we will need to amend our application further and so we have a further date to return once it is amended. We are seeking the administrative remedies of certiorari and prohibition to have the commissioners decision squashed.”

It appears that the members of the Police Association are not in agreement with their chairman pursuit of a claim against the Commissioner of the Police. In a statement, two association executives expressed the desire for the association to be removed as a claimant in the case.  According to the letter sent by the members, Arzu lack the quorum to attach the association to the claim. It noted that Arzu has usurped his power in taking those actions.  The Association members also shared that for some time now they have been requesting financial records which would illustrate how member contributions are being spent, but this request has fallen on deaf ears.