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Police awards officers for hard work and commitment

The Belize Police Department recognized the hard work of a few officers today as the officers of the month for January, February and March were awarded as were four of the members of Enforcement Response Team. Senior Superintendent of Police Ralph Moody, Commander of the Eastern Division North told us more about the gesture.

 Sr. Supt. Ralph Moody: “We try to recognize officers of the month and as well the ERT; we request from them the education and put in extra hours so for us to try to keep them motivated we try to give them a little incentive and recognizing as well so that they can continue to perform their duty to the best of their ability. We look at several things; one the arrest and arrest not only mean that we picked up a person and arrest that person and prepare the paper work as well you look at the submission of case file and as well the submissions of case file and as well conviction of person in court. We look at as well the effort that they put into the community work. The ERT those are the people that do the quick response, those are the people that do the dirty work for example and God forbid we don’t have one. If we should have like a robbery or a kidnapping those people will be on the ground , those people will be out there doing the search and hold the fort until other specialized unit come in; So they are like our specialized unit here in Belize City.”

Recipients Graciano Briceno, Sergeant 208 Attached to the Belama Formation in Precinct 4, Sergeant of Police Daniel Pascual and WPC Marlenie Zuniga spoke about their work.

Sgt Graciano Briceno:  “Myself as a Sargent of Police I usually look forward of being awarded every year, every month, hence the reason I work hard. I dedicate my time and I lead by example to my subordinate. I usually go out there with them I am not a person that will just send them out by themselves I go along with them so I can show them, lead them, guide them what is the proper thing to do.”

Dalilah Ical: How many years have you been in the force?

Sargent Graciano Briceno: “19 years and counting.”

Sargent Daniel Pascual: “Coming to work every day well I guide my team as the Seargent in charge of the Enforcement Response team. I brief my team every day and we move on from there. We try to do a lot of interdiction so while doing that out there on the streets then the work comes along and it’s not something that we talk about every day; it’s something that we go about gradually doing and if the reward comes the reward comes and if the success comes the success comes as a matter of fact in January we found two firearms and a number of cannabis and earlier in this month of March we recover a firearm also so it’s not something that we plan when we go out but it just happen. We work it on our intelligence and we work it from there.”

Female Police Officer: “Well I have been with the enforcement team for over a year; We like the Sargent explain when we come to work we don’t have anything set like a specific target but we go out and we search empty lots and other places and luckily we come up with the weapons that we do.”

Dalilah Ical: Now is this in the year that you have been working is this something that you had expected to receive this kind of recognition?

Female Police Officer: “Well eventually yes because it’s actually from December 2016 I have been with the team and continually we push on weekends we are out their until twelve hours sometimes, sometimes more so yes I did expect it but I didn’t know it will be today.”

Dalilah Ical: So it’s a pleasant surprise for you?

Female Police Officer: Yes.

The awardees received a framed certificate that will be placed on display at the police station and a small cash award courtesy of the business community.